Keeping Up With the Phoneses

I don’t know about you but I am so relieved the elections are over.

It’s a good thing our landlines don’t charge us by the call or minutes, can I get an amen on that?

We were receiving upwards of fifteen calls a day.


I never use that word. That’s your word of the day! Use it in a sentence at least once today.

My mother spent a lot of time teaching my sister and I phone etiquette.

Always smile just before you say hello (the caller can hear it in your voice).

When I worked making cold calls I gained respect for people trying to pay their mortgages and feed their babies by phone sales so I try to be kind and gentle with them when they call me.

Do not take phone calls at dinner. Well now, this one stumps me.

If one shouldn’t take phone calls at dinner, then why is one making phone calls at dinner?

Blame it on the cancer, but this year, I tended to forget my phone etiquette what with all the political calls and the pollsters.

I suppose you could also blame it on caller I.D.

You see back when my mother was teaching us phone manners you never knew who was calling. Maybe your Grandmother, maybe the cute boy in English class, maybe the Principal or your dad’s boss.

Now however, I have a phone that tells me who’s calling. Granted she insists on pronouncing our last name wrong. The telephone lady insists it’s Miss Seaver.

The political calls however were always announced in a proper tone Unavailable, Out of AreaWashington D.C.Searchlight EnvyCarson City Envy or Polly Tickle Call.

The telephone lady would announce and the groans and sighs and eye rolling would commence.

If there was a phone within arms reach we would (and I’m not ashamed to admit this) click the phone “On” then “Off”.

If it was more than an arms length away we would let it go to voice mail all the while rolling our eyes, making impolite faces and mumbling things like “only 22 more days”.

There was a downside to playing this phone roulette. I almost missed telling my son goodbye when he called from the airport and it came up “Private Caller”.

I also nearly missed a Telephone Town Hall Meeting with  Governor Mitt Romney, a recorded message from Fred Thompson with a stirring message on abortion, a recorded message from former President Bill Clinton, as well as messages from Ann Romney, Michelle Obama and two invitations to attend campaign rallies where Governor Romney would be speaking.

All that said, in this month of giving thanks, I am thankful the political calls have stopped and I no longer have to keep up with the phoneses.



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