The Storm

Father God,

Rescue me from this darkness.

I know you are near.

I catch a glimpse of light between sleep and tears.

Roll back these storm clouds, quiet the thunder that booms out “FAILURE” in my ears.

Open my eyes to see your Sonlight.

Let your love rain down on me.


Welcome to my Blahg

Thanks for your interest in my blahg or perhaps you arrived here by accident?

To tell you the truth and, I will do a lot of that here; tell you the truth, as I see it, I don’t believe in accidents.

Well, I mean, I believe in car accidents but not accidental meetings, or chance, nor luck.

I believe we all have a purpose and we were put on this earth to fulfill God’s purpose for our life.

So.. no matter why you are here, at this moment, there is a purpose and I’m glad you’re here.